Sneak Preview Hulk #1 Comic Book Issue

Story by Mark Waid
Art by Mark Bagley, Andrew Hennessy
Colors by Jason Keith
Cover by Jerome Opena, Mark Bagley, Chris Samnee, [more...]
Publisher Marvel Comics
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date Wed, April 16th, 2014


Following the shocking events of last month’s INDESTRUCTIBLE HULK finale, Bruce Banner lies at death’s door! If he survives, it WON’T be as the Bruce Banner we’ve known! How will the Hulk wreak vengeance on Banner’s assailant? How CAN he?

Funko Mini Mystery Vinyl Bobble-head Incredible Hulk Figure Glow in the Dark Hot Topics Exclusive

For the Hot Topics stores, Funko had some exclusive versions of the Marvel Mini Mystery figures and that included a glow in the dark Hulk version. Have to admit, it is pretty cool. Definitely worth finding if you collect Hulk figures.

Funko Mini Mystery Vinyl Bobble-head Incredible Hulk Figure

Okay, I have to admit that when bobble-heads started becoming popular back around 2008, I figured that it would last a year or so but Funko has really done a good job on keeping the concept fresh such as with the Pop! figures and now with some mini bobble-heads that come in blind boxes so you never know which figure you are going to get. The Hulk figure looks cool so glad to add it to my collection. I am sure they will do a Series 2 so hopefully they will have a grey version of the Hulk (please not the Red Hulk)

Hallmark Releasing an Incredible Hulk Christmas Ornament This Year

Fellow Hulk super fan J. Kauffeld spotted this image of an Incredible Hulk ornament in a 2014 catalog from Hallmark. Looks like it has not been shown on the internet or anywhere else yet but should be soon. Hallmark is finally releasing another Hulk ornament this year which actually looks pretty good and this one actually have some phrases that it says. Glad to see the Hulk finally getting some more Christmas ornament respect after so long!

Hulk Hallmark

Iron Man vs Hulk Mini-Series Coming to go with Marvel Comics Original Sin Event

Original Sin in the next big Marvel Event coming to Marvel with the Watcher Uatu being murdered (supposedly by a Marvel hero) and it looks like there will be some mini-series coming out of it that will delve back into the history of Marvel Comics and look at some of the “original sin” of some Marvel Heroes. Reported on USA Today:

The Marvel Comics event series Original Sin is promising the revelation of several important secrets when it begins next month, but this one is a doozy if true: Is Tony Stark responsible for creating the Hulk?

That’s the driving question of the four-issue tie-in miniseries Original Sin: Iron Man vs. Hulk, beginning with an issue 3.1 in June by Indestructible Hulk writer Mark Waid and Iron Man scribe Kieron Gillen.

“Original Sin reveals a deeply buried secret shared by Tony Stark and Bruce Banner that dates back to the fateful gamma-bomb explosion that created the Hulk,” says Marvel editor in chief Axel Alonso. “After this, all bets are off between Iron Man and the Hulk. There is no going back. There’s only manning up and facing the consequences.”

Original Sin revolves around the murder of the all-seeing Uatu the Watcher in his lunar headquarters and the manhunt for the killer before all his secrets get out. However, whomever offed the Watcher also stole his eyes, which contain all the history that’s ever happened in the Marvel Universe, and an incident occurs where knowledge is exposed about several superheroes.

The possible connection between Stark and the day that changed Bruce Banner’s life is one that comes to light, and both men team up for an investigation to explore the truth as they dig into what Stark was up to at the time as well as both men’s pasts and presents.

Bruce Banner and Tony Stark are in for an emotional roller coaster, courtesy of Mark Waid and Kieron Gillen.(Photo: JG Jones/Marvel Comics)

The ultimate answer is “quite surprising,” Waid says, “and it’s not what not you would expect but neither is it a cheat.”

The story also speaks to the core of the characters, according to Gillen.

It dips into the prehistory, friendship and rivalry of the two guys, the writer adds. “At the same time, it’s absolutely delineating their characters and saying a lot about them.”

Of course, Gillen considers even the question mark of the central story enough to spark an abundance of emotions, from Tony’s possible guilt about the revelation to Bruce’s anger, since he’s had the Hulk hanging over his head like a muscular green sword of Damocles for so long.

Their relationship will change as they go through the investigation, Gillen says. “This is going to be the proverbial emotional roller coaster. These are not unemotional men.”

Adds Waid: “Neither is Banner a terribly forgiving human being if he feels like he’s been wronged. He may be, but the Hulk is about as forgiving as a hurricane.”

He also compares the tale to HBO’s True Detective: It’s “a really screwed-up emotional journey” with two partners unearthing a lot of creepy, dark secrets they’re unprepared for when it comes to the consequences.

Plus, there is the potential third investigator — when dealing with such sensitive material, Stark has to worry a little about his partner turning into a natural disaster and smashing stuff.

“It’s safe to say that a lot of this story is Tony trying to dive deep into this investigation and yet be careful about what he shares with Bruce,” Waid says. “You never know with Bruce what’s going to set him off.”

Gillen feels that the Original Sin series focuses on what makes Marvel characters special, and that it’s ultimately about both Iron Man and Hulk, among others, overcoming their failings.

On some level with DC Comics superheroes, Gillen says, “the world is the problem in many ways. They’re trying to make sure paradise returns. Batman was fine until his parents were killed.

Both Iron Man and Hulk will have to overcome their failings in “Original Sin.”(Photo: JG Jones/Marvel Comics)

“But with Marvel, as well as wanting to make the better world, there’s a sense that on some level they are the problem as well, as big a problem as anything else.”

Stark has actually had a bunch thrown at him lately in Gillen’s monthly series, including the revelation that he was adopted and has a long-lost brother in the form of Arno Stark.

Waid admits those recent events informed his and Gillen’s story, and instead of making him a victim again, they want to use Original Sin to show Stark in a surprisingly and unexpectedly positive light.

“Even given the question on the table, there is sill something very heroic about the decisions he makes in this story,” Waid says.

“It’s easy to write a cynical story where you find out that there’s an original sin and somebody’s done something wrong. It’s easy to reveal something dark about a character, but the hard part — and to me the most rewarding part — is to try to figure out a way in which that helps define them as a hero rather than just tarnishes them.”

Marvel Infinite Marvel Now Incredible Hulk Action Figure

The first wave of the Marvel Infinite Series of 3 3/4″ action figures is out. This is the line that replaced the much loved Marvel Universe line. Glad to see a Hulk figure in the first wave and they did a good job. This is the Marvel Now version of the Incredible Hulk as written by Mark Waid where he has armor on his body to help protect him when he is Bruce Banner. The sculpting is good on the body and face and the armor on the upper body can actually be removed. I do like the packaging for the new series also, it is clean and has a cool look to it. I am hoping they come out with some more incarnations of the Hulk or maybe some Hulk villains.

Funko Pop! Incredible Hulk Bobble Head Figure

This has actually been out a while but I never got around to picking it up until now even though it is a cool little bobble head figure. I wasn’t quite sold on these Pop! figures when they first came out but they did grow on me. They released another version later with a darker green color for the Avengers movie. I think they actually have about a million different Pop figures now from different movies, cartoons, comic books, and tv shows.

Article on Peter David’s Comic Book Contributions Including the Incredible Hulk and Future Imperfect

Peter David has had a long career in comic books and he has done some great, amazing work but then again I might be a little biased because he did such great work on the Incredible Hulk comic book. Comic book resources put a short article together of Peter’s greatest accomplishments over the years which of course includes his work on the Hulk comic book and actually calls out specifically Future Imperfect on it’s own as an accomplishment. When Peter came on the Hulk comic book way back when, Marvel wasn’t really sure what they wanted to do with the character and he had just been kind of pushed to the back of the company. Peter David came along and took the character in unexpected directions and really made the Hulk book a book that everyone had to read. Take a look at the article: Peter David


Sideshow Collectibles Red Hulk Premium Format Statue Now Up For Sale

The Red Hulk statue is now officially up for sale for $549.99. Click on the banner on the right hand side of the blog or right below here to go and order one for yourself. The Sideshow Exclusive version will have a change out head with an X-mark on the forehead.
Red Hulk Marvel Premium Format(TM) Figure

See the product details below:

Product Summary

“I became the very thing I hated most in life. I am the Red Hulk.”

First in line from an all-new Marvel Comics Hulk series, Sideshow Collectibles presents the Red Hulk Premium Format™ Figure.

Born into a family with a proud tradition of military service, General Thaddeus Ross rapidly earned a reputation among his troops as a great leader in combat, and the nickname ‘Thunderbolt’ for his ability to execute lightning-quick battle strike tactics. But when a career devoted to hunting the Incredible Hulk turned into a dangerous obsession, Ross ultimately became his own worst nightmare – consumed by vengeance, he was transformed into the unstoppable Red Hulk! Crashing onto the scene in one quarter scale, Rulk tears up the terrain, leaving broken Hulkbuster armor wasted at his feet. Fantastically crafted with remarkable attention to detail, the Exclusive Red Hulk comes with two interchangeable portraits to depict him taunting opponents with a savage grin, or blinded with unbridled rage over the ‘X’ where Thor’s hammer landed its mighty blow. Quite literally one of the hottest Marvel villains of all time, the Red Hulk Premium Format™ Figure is an outstanding addition to any Hulk or Marvel collection.

Product Details

Premium Format™ Figure
Sideshow Collectibles

Product Size
20″ H (508mm) x 20″ W (508mm) x 11″ L (279.4mm)*
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Product Weight
18.50 lbs (8.39 kg)*
Dimensional Weight
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Product Sku


Mike Najera (Paint)
Pablo Viggiano (Sculpt)
Jennifer Johnson (Costume)
Kristafer Anka (Design)
The Sideshow Collectibles Design and Development Team

Indestructible Hulk #20 Advance Preview

Indestructible Hulk

Story by Mark Waid
Art by Joe Bennett, Ruy Jose, Scott Hanna
Colors by Val Staples
Letters by VC – Cory Petit
Cover by Mahmud Asrar, Dave McCaig
Publisher Marvel Comics
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date Wed, March 26th, 2014

• BRUCE BANNER has had enough! He’s mad–and that’s not good!

• Banner blames MARIA HILL and S.H.I.E.L.D. for the tragic fate of his lab assistant and seeks revenge!

• There’s more than enough blame to go around, however–and Banner’s in the crosshairs of an assassin!