Incredible Hulk and Hulkpool ( Deadpool) Minimates Action Figures

I am so thankful for Minimates. I would have never imagined that I would own a whole army of unique Hulk Lego-like figures. The sheer number of Hulk’s that Minimates has made is amazing!!! And they keep making more! Toys-R-Us just released an exclusive set that comes with a Savage Hulk and a Hulkpool (based on the storyline where the Deadpool was exposed to radiation and temporarily turned into Hulkpool! They also included enough items to turn him into regular Deadpool but who would want to do that!

Marvel Comics Incredible Hulk Harley Davidson Custom Motorcycle

Marvel has always had a good relationship with Harley Davidson and now they are taking it one step further. Harley dealerships in Australia and New Zealand have made a series of custom motorcycles based on various Marvel heroes and villains. I have to see the Incredible Hulk bike is the best looking bike out of all of them. The Iron Man bike does look pretty good also but the Hulk is definitely best. Take a look at all of them here: Marvel Harley Bikes


Incredible Hulk Bandai Age of Ultron SHFigurats Action Figure

I think this action figure was only available in Japan but I was lucky enough to get one off of eBay. This Bandai figure looks very cool, even comes with interchangable hands and head. The sculpt is very good on the figure and it has a ton of articulation. If you collect Hulk action figures, this is a great figure to get.

WalGreens Exclusive Marvel Legends Namor Action Figure

The WalGreen’s exclusive Namor figure from the Legends line have finally come to my town. Great looking figure, this is a great figure to pick up especially if you want to put your Defender’s group together. Go track this figure down!

Mark Ruffalo Celebrates Last Day of Filming for Thor Ragnarok

On the last day of filming in Australia for next year’s Thor: Ragnarok movie, co-starring the Hulk of course, Mark Ruffalo celebrated by tweeting some pictures. The pictures include him with the director, along with Mark with Liam Hemsworth, and a very cool pic of Mark with a Hulk head. Not sure what the Hulk head was used for but it looks pretty cool!

SDCC Exclusive Vault Set Abomination Figure

There is a new Abomination Build-A-Figure out right now with a set of Legends figure but Marvel also released a re-painted version of it with the Vault set that was exclusive at SDCC this year. The figure looks pretty good, I have to say I am happier with the older Legends Abomination figure but this is still a pretty good looking figure and worth picking up.

Marvel Announces New Hulk Full-Length Animated Movie

During the Marvel Animation panel at SDCC, they announced an upcoming Incredible Hulk animated movie. They likened it to The Killing Joke movie that was just released in terms of how dark and more adult it would be geared towards. See more information below:

The panel also previewed a feature-length animated special, “Hulk: Where Monsters Dwell,” set to air this fall. The movie will feature Hulk, Doctor Strange and the Howling Commandos. “Basically, Hulk — he’s dealing with his own demons, and his anger towards Banner,” Tastasciore said. “It’s a really creepy show, actually. I’m surprised how far you guys went.” Randomski concurred: “It’s kind of dark for the content we’ve been producing over the past several years.”

Planet Hulk Helmet From Thor: Ragnarok Movie Shown at SDCC

From the floors of SDCC, props from new years Thor: Ragnarok movie and they include the Planet Hulk style helmet and his battle axe. How freakin awesome is this. I must have this helmet, that is all there is to it. Again how completely awesome does that helmet look. I am almost speechless.