Marvel Teaser Trailer for No Surrender Showing Hulk Returning

Marvel hinted that the original Hulk was coming back with the upcoming No Surrender storyline and there are definitely some people who are doubting it will actually happen. Marvel just released a teaser trailer for the No Surrender storyline and if you wait til the very end of the video, it looks like it is pretty clear that the Hulk is coming back. It’s about time.

Tsum Tsum Transforming Hulk Figures

Disney’s Tsum Tsum’s have come out with a Series 5 set that features the Hulk, a transforming Hulk, and Bruce Banner so it’s pretty dang cool. Kind of cool to stack them so it looks like Bruce is getting bigger as he turns into the Hulk.

Disney Toybox Incredible Hulk Action Figure

Disney has come out with their own exclusive line of action figures with the label Toybox. That includes Star Wars, Pixar, and of course Marvel Characters. They have a sort of animated sharp edge feel to them. The Hulk looks very cool, I like how they sculpted him. He comes with a bent pipe, I had a bit of a problem putting it in his hand so I didn’t force it. Didn’t want to break the figure the first thing. It has 14 points of articulation so it can be arranged in a good amount of poses. Worth picking up for your Hulk collection.

Marvel Toybox Exclusive Action Figure

Looks like Marvel is getting into the exclusive action figure market. They now have a line called Toybox which is only available on their online store (maybe Disney stores too, not sure). They have Iron Man, Thor and of course the Hulk available so far. The figures have 14 points of articulation and look to be a bit on the animated side in their style. The Hulk comes with a bent pipe. The figures run $12.95 each and you can order the Hulk here: Hulk Toybox



Thor Ragnarok Movie Review

Thor Ragnarok launched today and I of course was at the very first showing of Thor Ragnarok. The 6pm showing was $25 because it came with a special coin and a lanyard along with a large popcorn. The fact that a large chunk of the movie was based off of Planet Hulk was a bonus. Let me say that this was a great movie experience, the movie was funny, great action and adventure, and is most definitely worth seeing in the theater. Seeing the Hulk as “Gladiator Hulk” was just incredible to see on the big screen especially since he was smarter and could speak in sentences. Even though this was a Thor movie, the Hulk still had a lot of screen time and explained where he had been the last few Marvel movies. I don’t want to give any spoilers away but the Hulk and Thor had great interaction and the story line was good and had some big impacts in the Thor movie universe, some very surprising. It also moved the Hulk character forward which was good, it looks good for the character moving forward in the Marvel universe. It sounds like the Hulk will have a good sized roll in the Avengers movie. An extra cool bonus was seeing Korg and Miek from the Planet Hulk storyline in movie form. Another day, another Doug. Go see this movie.