Russian Avengers Trailer with even more Hulk!!

Days after the German Avengers trailer is released, the Russian version comes out with even more Hulk footage!! You actually see Bruce Banner getting angry and then a full on shot of the Hulk’s face roaring. Dang, this movie is going to rock. My Russian is a little rusty but I think that in the scene between Bruce Banner and the Black Widow, Bruce is actually telling her that he will be the most popular character in the movie. Of course we all know that. Thanks to Smashin! for the note about the trailer!

Heroics Incredible Hulk Mini Figure

A company called Tree House Kids has released a new series of mini figures called Heroics which includes an Incredible Hulk figure. The figures come in a small ping pong sized ball and come “blind” which is popular now. If you are not sure, “blind” means that you don’t know what figure you get til you buy it and open the figure. Hint, the Hulk figure is heavier than the others so just see which one weighs the most. There are two mystery figures also in this wave and one of those is this same figure but painted as the Red Hulk. There are also Spider-Man, Wolverine, Thor, Captain America and Iron Man figures. So far, I have only found these at Wal-Mart.

Hulk hatch from egg? Hulk confused

Old Incredible Hulk Artwork Found From Jack Kirby

Please, someone print me!

From the Marvel Age of Comics tumblr comes this amazing news:
“Here’s an unused page—one of an entire unused story or sequence from a very early issue of INCREDIBLE HULK. From what evidence exists, it would likely have been intended for issue #3 or #4. These Jack Kirby pencils were salvaged by Larry Lieber after the story was discarded.

Stan’s handwritten story note at the bottom reads:


And Stan’s one art direction note to the previous panel indicates that the shadow of the bleacher is UNDER it, because it’s being raised by the Hulk.”

How awesome would it be if Larry (who is Stan Lee’s brother by the way) had all the pages and Marvel could actually print the book. That would be the top selling book of the year!!!

The Hulk Drives a Yaris videos

If you have never seen any of the Marvel “What The..?!” videos that have been done, you are definitely missing out.  Hilarious to say the least.  Here is a link to youtube showing a bunch of past ones.

They have just released a very cool series of them staring the Incredible Hulk of course!  It is actually a bit of a commercial for the Toyota Yaris car but that is the cool part!  My last name is Yarish, just one letter off!  And the Hulk, my favorite character to say the least, is driving the car!  Toyota should just go ahead and give me one of the cars.  There are going to be four videos in the series, here are the first two to be released.  Enjoy, I know I did!!!  (another cool part, I grew near Cleveland, which is where the Hulk heads to in his car)


Capcom Hulk Minimates Figure

A new Hulk minimates has hit the scene!  This is a new Hulk figure from the Marvel vs Capcom series.  The Hulk came with Mike Hagger from the Capcom game.  The Hulk is the same body with the large fists and feet that was used with the Hulk figure that was paired with the First Appearance Iron Man set with just a new head.  Not much of a difference but given that I am obsessive/compulsive I of course had to buy it.

Not counting the minimates from the Incredible Hulk movie, I think there are 14 Hulk related Minimates (13 Hulks and one Bruce Banner) and I hope they keep making more!

Marvel vs Capcom Hulk Minimate

New Avengers movie trailer shows more of Bruce!

Marvel Studios has released a new Avengers trailer in Germany and it shows a lot more of Bruce Banner than the first one, including a scene with him and the Black Widow.  Check it out here  Spinoff Online

Hopefully future trailers will show more Hulk also.  Based on what I have seen so far, I am really looking forward to this movie.  Still not sure of Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner as he seems a bit too bulky to be puny Banner but I am willing to go in with an open mind.

Hulk: Season One Graphic Novel Announced by Marvel

In September 2012 Marvel will release the “Hulk: Season One” original graphic novel by writer Fred Van Lente and artist Tom Fowler. Like the other “Season One” OGNS, the book provides readers the full story of the Hulk’s early days and also offers long time fans a look at what those days would like if they happened in the 21st century.

Yep, it’s another retelling of the Hulk’s origins.  Fred has done some good writing from what I have seen so I have confidence he will do a good job and I am looking forward to this.  In regards to retelling of origins, how bad can this be compared to Byrne’s re-telling involved skrulls.  ugh.

To read a great interview with Fred about the book, check it out here: Fred Interview

Hulk: Season One cover

Hulk related Marvel Solicitations for March 2012

Incredible Hulk #6
Jason Aaron (W) • Whilce Portacio (A)
Cover By Leinil Yu
• What Dark Price Did Hulk Pay To Separate Himself From Banner, And How Far Will He Go To Keep It That Way?
• Hulk Versus Banner’s Newest, Maddest Creations… The Banner Men!
• The Biggest, Nastiest Hulk Vs. Banner Fight In Marvel History!
32 Pgs./Parental Advisory…$3.99

Hulk #49
Jeff Parker (W) • Elena Casagrande (A)
Cover By John Romita Jr.
• Red Hulk Versus The Eternals!
• Guest Appearance From Hercules!
• Has Red Hulk Set In Motion The End Of The World???
32 Pgs./Rated T+ …$2.99

Incredible Hulk #6Hulk #49

Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Universe Figures

Okay, so I pretty much only collect Hulk action figures or Hulk-related action figures.  This is one of the rare exceptions.  Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning did an amazing job with the whole Marvel Cosmic characters, especially recreating the Guardians of the Galaxy.  They redid Starlord to look pretty cool and they completely remade Drax the Destroyer into a completely kick-ass character.  And just as important, they took Rocket Raccoon and made his a cool character to like.  Plus there is a little Groot figure in a pot.  I should mention that Rocket Raccoon first showed up in a Hulk comic book years ago and that Groot has fought the Hulk before also.  When I saw this set, I had to get it.  You should too.