New Avengers movie trailer shows more of Bruce!

Marvel Studios has released a new Avengers trailer in Germany and it shows a lot more of Bruce Banner than the first one, including a scene with him and the Black Widow.  Check it out here  Spinoff Online

Hopefully future trailers will show more Hulk also.  Based on what I have seen so far, I am really looking forward to this movie.  Still not sure of Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner as he seems a bit too bulky to be puny Banner but I am willing to go in with an open mind.

8 thoughts on “New Avengers movie trailer shows more of Bruce!

  1. Did you see the Russian one that came out today? You get about half a second of extra Hulk footage and about 2 more seconds of Banner footage. The extra Hulk footage is just him jerking his face out of the shadows and THEN you get the roar.

    • Thanks, I really can’t wait for this movie. It looks like the Hulk will definitely be playing a big role in the movie, which is awesome!

  2. Could there be a problem with the Style sheet here? I can’t make out anything here without highlighting it with the mouse, because it’s all black. I’m using Opera if it makes a difference.

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