The Hulk Drives a Yaris videos

If you have never seen any of the Marvel “What The..?!” videos that have been done, you are definitely missing out.  Hilarious to say the least.  Here is a link to youtube showing a bunch of past ones.

They have just released a very cool series of them staring the Incredible Hulk of course!  It is actually a bit of a commercial for the Toyota Yaris car but that is the cool part!  My last name is Yarish, just one letter off!  And the Hulk, my favorite character to say the least, is driving the car!  Toyota should just go ahead and give me one of the cars.  There are going to be four videos in the series, here are the first two to be released.  Enjoy, I know I did!!!  (another cool part, I grew near Cleveland, which is where the Hulk heads to in his car)


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