Incredible Hulk 635 Cover Original Artwork

As I mentioned when I started this blog, I am starting to focus more on acquiring original artwork from the Incredible Hulk comic book. I bought this piece a few months back but never put it on the old website so I figured I would post it on the new one. Paul Pelletier has been drawing comics for a number of years but he has always been a bit under the radar. When he came on the book, he really came into his own. From his too short run, Paul has become one of the definitive Hulk artists for me. He draws Hulk was emotion and sheer power. I knew I had to own a piece of artwork from his run and I thought this cover to the last issue really was a showcase for his talent. From the Hulk’s angry look to his crushing Bruce’s glasses, the cover tells a lot with just one image. I wish Paul would come back on the book.

Incredible Hulk 635 Cover Original Artwork

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