Avengers vs. X-Men: Hulk vs Emma Frost

The next big event for Marvel is the upcoming Avengers vs X-Men. Not exactly sure what is the driving force to make each group fight each other but they end up paring off and fighting one on one. From the image that was released by Marvel, it looks like the Hulk will be involved with the storyline and he will be going up against Emma Frost. Emma has her diamond form which is obviously strong plus she has her mental abilities. Of course, the Hulk has shown multiple times in the past that he has a resistance to mind control so that will not help her at all. Another Hulk image drawn by Carlo Pagulayan.

Hulk vs Emma Frost....yeah it's going to be a short fight.

2 thoughts on “Avengers vs. X-Men: Hulk vs Emma Frost

  1. The driving force behind the war is the Phoenix. I am not completely sure what about her, but it has something to deal with her.

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