Puzzle Eraseez Grey Hulk Collectible Eraser

Okay, this is one of those impulse buys. I was at Target with the wife and I saw this in the express check-out section. This is a grey Incredible Hulk puzzle eraser made by Puzzle Eraseez. It is the now popular blind packaging deals where each package comes with two mystery figures. You don’t know what you have til you buy it and open it. I only bought one package but was lucky to get the grey Hulk. There is also a green Hulk (which I want) and a Red Hulk (which I want not so much). They all look exactly the same of course, just a different color. The other figures included are four different versions of Spider-Man, two Iron Mans, a War Machine, a Silver Surfer, and a Captain America. Needless to say, I will probably end up buying a couple more to try and get the green Hulk. Oh yeah, the other one I got was an Iron Man.

You talkin' to me? There is no one else around here, you must be talkin' to me.

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