New Avengers Movie Variant Cover Featuring Hulk

In a couple months, Marvel is going to have a bunch of variant covers during a month to help celebrate the Avengers movie. The covers featuring all the Avengers that are going to be in the movie. The Winnie the Pooh variant cover from the Hulk comic is awesome and I had to show this one also. Usually Bagley draws a little too skinny Hulk for me but he really nailed this. We all know the Hulk can take them all out.

2 thoughts on “New Avengers Movie Variant Cover Featuring Hulk

  1. To tell the truth, I don’t think that Hawkeye’s arrows WOULD penetrate his skin unless they were REALLY…. what’s the word? Amped-up? I mean, .50 cal bullets bounced off of him and he sorta just shrugged ’em off. Oh well – looking forward to the comics AND MOST OF ALL THE MOVIE! 😀 :3

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