Incredible Hulk Toyfare 2012 Toy Pictures

Toyfare 2012, the premier event for companies to showcase their upcoming toys, is occuring in New York City right now and lots of Hulk stuff is being shown. There will be a new Incredible Hulk figure for the Marvel Universe line. Based on the face sculpt, it looks to be the best Hulk so far. There are also a bunch of Hulk toys to go along with the Avengers movie including another transforming Hulk and yes, finally, a Lego Hulk figure!!!!

5 thoughts on “Incredible Hulk Toyfare 2012 Toy Pictures

      • My only problem with every pair of Hulk hands is the thumbs. Realistically, most people’s thumbs extend to the mid ring finger, not the pinkie finger. But that’s just me and trying to simulate being the Hulk as realistically as possible. XD

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