Gamma Strike Hulk Avengers Movie Action Figure

Out of all of the Hulk figures that Hasbro has released so far for the Avengers movie, this is the best sculpted. It is also the largest figure, about 10 inches tall. Not a lot of articulation but the figure looks good. If you push the button in the center of his chest or squeeze his legs together, he says a number of phrases including:
“Hulk smash”
“Hulk smash Thor”
“Hulk ready for fight”
“You want more?”
“Avengers assemble”

3 thoughts on “Gamma Strike Hulk Avengers Movie Action Figure

  1. Smashin – you make your way around all the Hulk sites. huh?

    Yeah – I am not so sure this is even the best figure as I have not been pleased with any of them – but the Gamma Smash Hulk might be the one I like the most.

    • haha, just yours, this one and a few comic sites. Right after Hulkspace went down I got into a heavier homework load, so I go on these in my spare time. 😛

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