Incredible Hulk 214 Page 2 Sal Buscema artwork

I started reading the Incredible Hulk in the late 1970’s and while Herb Trimpe did a great job on the comic, Sal Buscema will always be the best Hulk artist for me. His artwork on issues 300-330 really defined what the Incredible Hulk looks like for me. There have been a lot of other great artists on the book but Sal during his early run will always and I mean always be the best. I really want a big splash page from the run but have not found one I can afford yet. I did stumble across this page on eBay and while it is not a splash, it is a great page so I jumped on it. It has great art by Sal and inks by Ernie Chan. It has the Hulk carrying his friend Jim Wilson and has an amazing transformation scene. Love it. But some day I will own a Sal splash, oh yes, one day.

2 thoughts on “Incredible Hulk 214 Page 2 Sal Buscema artwork

  1. Oh man — jealllllouusssssss! That is one of my all time favourite Sal Hulk pages…I remember be mesmerised by the transformation as a kid. Awesome pages to own — thumbs all the way up. Grrrrrrrrr!

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