New Avengers TV Commercial : Hulk Smash

As the Avengers movie is rapidly coming closer, there are more tv spots coming out and this one has another great line: Hulk..smash. Now unfortunately it’s not the Hulk who says it in the commercial but it still rocks. And how great is that smile on the Hulk’s face.

9 thoughts on “New Avengers TV Commercial : Hulk Smash

  1. Did you see the other one – where Hulk is jumping so fast and high, that a trail of dirt and dust follows him, like when a jet takes off?

    • no, I don’t think I have seen that one yet. Man, they are really putting out some great commercials! This movie can’t get here quick enough.

    • Yeah, it gives me high hopes for how they are going to handle the Hulk character. Not just some mindless, dumb beast.

    • I’m trying to read as little about the movie as possible before I see it on the big screen but I have heard the same thing about the Hulk. That would be awesome if the movie spurred enough interest in another Incredible Hulk movie.

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