Avengers Sets 3 Day Record

Besides being a completely awesome and incredible movie, the Avengers has now set a record many people never thought would be broken. The movie made an estimated $200.3 million from 4,349 locations over this past weekend, easily going past the $169.1 million of previous record-holder Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. I think it will be hard to think of any other movie doing this again or beating this record. HULK SMASH!!!!!!!!!

6 thoughts on “Avengers Sets 3 Day Record

  1. I was wondering, do you have any thoughts behind the fact Hulk was unable to control himself vs black widow but could completely control himself vs the aliens? Look the movie was awesome but as a Hulk fan I didnt get it. Hulk has never been able to control himself as is evident in world war hulk when the Illuminati trick him off earth cause they figured out nothing can control him.

    Just my opinion.

    • A friend of mine brought up the same point. One point of view is that maybe Bruce didn’t have complete control of the Hulk but could control the change. For the end battle, he let the Hulk go and the Hulk knew that the aliens were the bad guys and the stakes at hand, so he and Banner had the same goal of smashing them. Kind of like aiming a rocket and letting it go do it’s job. On the helicarrier, there was no real enemy evident when Bruce changed to Hulk, only the Black Widow was in front of him so he mistook her for the bad guy.

    • OH yeah, it has got to happen at this point. With as much as people are talking about the Hulk in the movie, if they can keep the same characteristics and have a huge “enemy” for the Hulk to really smash, we are talking finally a big Hulk movie.

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