Bowen Designs Website Exclusive Savage Hulk Statue

I showed you the upcoming Savage Hulk statue by Bowen Designs and now we find out that there will be a Bowen Collectors Club version of the statue only available through the website. This version has a different color scheme and a different head sculpt. Based on the picture that was released shown below, this is the best Savage Hulk statue that has ever been released. I have also included a picture of the regular version to see the difference. To become a member of Bowen Designs website, click this link: Bowen Designs Club Member

5 thoughts on “Bowen Designs Website Exclusive Savage Hulk Statue

  1. Any idea when this statue might shipping. My wife bought this statue for me for fathers day (she doesn’t know that I know :) ) and it still hasn’t been shipped yet?

    • The statue will not actually ship for many months. Bowen lists the statue for sale and then it usually takes about 7-8 months before the factory actually has them made and ready to deliver.

  2. Can’t wait to get this statue! Also looking forward to the Professor Hulk statue. They NEED to do a WORLD WAR HULK statue!!!!

  3. Quick mention about both savage hulk from bowen just got mine at comicon montreal 2013 well I saw both version and too be honest in my opinion the version from the club is not that hot if I want to see the hulk lets call it screaming he needs to be in motion not just standing there. Also to me the green they chose well that type of green is for olives not the hulk plus it’s to shiny I personally prefer the normal version and that’s the one I chose again just my opinion not trying to bash anyone’s fun and pleasure.

    The green guy

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