Jason Aaron Leaving as Writer of Incredible Hulk Comic Book

According to an article on Newsarama, it looks like Jason Aaron will be leaving as current writer on the Incredible Hulk comic book:

“In a Q&A published earlier this week on Marvel.com, Marvel senior editor Mark Paniccia announced that Aaron will be leaving Incredible Hulk, saying, “Jason’s got a really great handle on the character and is building a conclusion to his run.” Newsarama has confirmed with Marvel that this does indeed mean that Aaron is wrapping up his Incredible Hulk run, although when remains unrevealed.”

I have not been the happiest with the current run since the relaunch, mostly due to the fact I have not liked the characterization of Bruce Banner as both mad and evil. It just doesn’t fit who the character has been for the last 50 years (and yes the Hulk turns 50 this year, let’s celebrate!!!!) I am hoping the next writer can get Bruce and the Hulk a bit more on track.

Also of note is that the Hulk comic book starring Red Hulk was missing from the Septermber Solicitations. Not sure what that means but I doubt if that book is cancelled, Jeff Parker is doing a great job as writer on it since he took over.

12 thoughts on “Jason Aaron Leaving as Writer of Incredible Hulk Comic Book

  1. I’m just hoping the next writer either undoes what Aaron has done to Bruce Banner or just completely pretends it never happened. I know that is what I am doing.

  2. They need to bring in Peter David to Tempest Fugit Aarons run like they did to Bruce Jones. And I actually enjoyed Jones’ run in the beginning.

    • Oh I agree. Jone’s first storyline was pretty good and then it went downhill quickly. I wouldn’t mind if they brought PAD back to work his magic again.

  3. I’ve been a Incredible Hulk fan for over 35 years, and this is the saddest storyline I’ve ever seen!!!!

    • They need to pick a writer who really understands the relationship between Bruce and the Hulk, that is the core of the book. this current book is a mess.

  4. Jason Aaron’s first arc Asunder was good…after Hulk vs Banner it took a nose dive hard. I am hoping he ends it like he started. Writers to write Hulk..should be Jeff Parker, Rememder or PAD

    • I doubt if PAD would come back again, although I would love him to. I would be interested in seeing what Parker would do with the one true Hulk.

  5. Only 2 people can fix this Greg Pak or Peter David!! They need to fix the artwork, The Hulk looks like a green Mr. Clean! Marvel should be ashamed for letting this book get like this!

    • Would love for Greg Pak to come back, doubt if PAD would. I would also love to have Pelletier to come back as artist, he really knew how to draw the Hulk.

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