New Marvel Select Barbarian Hulk Action Figure Coming

In the beginning issues of the recent relaunch of the Incredible Hulk comic book, the Hulk was living underground and had a scraggly beard. Looks like Diamond Select was so inspired by it, that they are going to release an action figure of it under the Marvel Select line. It is a completely new sculpt with 16 points of articulation and is 10 inches tall. And given that it is Marvel Select, it will probably weigh a ton! While I have not been happy with the direction of the Hulk relaunch, I do think the figure looks good so I will definitely be getting it.

3 thoughts on “New Marvel Select Barbarian Hulk Action Figure Coming

  1. It is a pretty cool looking figure, they did manage to capture the “gone native” Hulk with her long beard and all. Glad to get a different incarnation of a Hulk figure.

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