Heroes Convention 2012 Incredible Hulk Commissions and Sketches

Heroes Convention or Heroes Con as it is also known, is the oldest comic book convention in the US and this year, it celebrated it’s 30th year. I love going to this convention and meeting and talking to various artists and writers. I bring my sketch book and try to get artists whose style I like to do Planet Hulk commissions and sketches. This year was a great success. Jim Calafiore actually had my book before the convention and did an amazing double page piece. I was lucky enough to get on the short list of Skottie Young watercolor sketches and Skottie always delivers some mind blowing art. Charles P. Wilson III did the recent Pooh-style cover variant for an Incredible Hulk issue so I of course had him do a Planet Hulk pooh version and I can not believe the amount of detail he put into it. I met a couple of guys who are known as the Creaturebox who live in the right town by me. Love their unique style. Lastly, I got the talented Cary Nord to do a Planet Hulk. While I was waiting for artists to work on my book, I used a blank comic book art page and got artists to do quick Hulk head sketches. First up was David Williams and then the classic and very talented Herb Trimpe. Next was David Wachter who has a very old school style. Next was Mark Brooks, who is a super nice guy to talk to and has a lot of talent (I will get him to do a full size Planet Hulk next year if it kills me!) and lastly was Clayton Crain. He was doing commissions with acrylic paint and it was incredible watching him work. This is probably my favorite con experience as I got some awesome artwork plus I got to spend some time with a fellow Hulk artwork collector Dave Wilkins.

2 thoughts on “Heroes Convention 2012 Incredible Hulk Commissions and Sketches

  1. Hey Steve – GREAT weekend for me as well. Your haul was incredible (pun intended) and it was great to hang out and talk all things Hulk. My best con experience as well. Hope to do it again next year!

  2. I am hoping you can come back also! They are supposed to start announcing people for next year already in a couple weeks!

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