What Happens to the Hulk After Avengers vs X-Men?

Marvel has said that the current Avengers vs X-Men event would have some big impact on the universe and now we are getting to see some sneak peaks as to what is coming. Marvel released an image showing how the heroes are going to look and it appears the Hulk will be changing somewhat too. It looks like he as some type of armor on and the floating robot near him is somehow associated with him. Have no idea what either means but I am definitely looking forward to a change based on what the current storylines have been.

4 thoughts on “What Happens to the Hulk After Avengers vs X-Men?

  1. Anything is better than this recent storyline, I never thought The Red Hulk title would be better but right now it is!

  2. sad isn’t it when the knock-off Red Hulk book is sooooo much better than the original Hulk. Please let the pain stop now.

    • I find it somewhat ironic that a good run of a man getting angry and going crazy makes us happy, but a bad run of said man leaves us feeling exactly like him. 😛

      • I never thought there would be a run on the series I would dislike less than the Jones stuff but here we are!

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