SDCC News: Hulk turns into Red She-Hulk plus a small Hulk news

San Diego Comic Con is of course going on and there has been some Hulk related news today. During Joe Quesada’s Cup ‘O Joe sessions, someone in the audience asked about the new Hulk Now comic book.

“It’s a very new, unprecedented dynamic between Banner and Hulk,” Axel Alonso said, adding, “What’s planned is one of those ‘oh shoot’ moments!”

“You’ll notice Hulk looks a bit different than before, and there’s a reason for that,” Arune Singh added, pointing to the image onscreen for Marvel Now.

There are also big changes for the Hulk comic book. With issue #58, the book changes from the Hulk to Red She-Hulk with Jeff Parker staying on as writer and awesome Hulk artist Carlo Pagulayan coming on as artist. interviewed Jeff about what the new book will be like, take a look here

2 thoughts on “SDCC News: Hulk turns into Red She-Hulk plus a small Hulk news

  1. Can’t leave well enough alone! Hulk was starting to be a good comic, and now their changing it! Any word about the Red Hulk?

    • Yeah, I was actually starting to enjoy was Parker was doing with a less than perfect character. There has actually been no info on what happens to the Red Hulk. It doesn’t show him in any of the Marvel Now artwork. hmmmm….

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