SDCC News: Lyra, daughter of Hulk Marvel Legends Action Figure

After the initial day, Hasbro has put out more action figures including a Savage She-Hulk Marvel Legends figure, the Lyra version of the She-Hulk that is. Lyra of course is the daughter of the Incredible Hulk. Pretty good looking action figure.

7 thoughts on “SDCC News: Lyra, daughter of Hulk Marvel Legends Action Figure

  1. Looks like she and red She-Hulkuse the same head, probably limbs too. Bet they’ll be variants in the same wave. I hope they are in scale with the She Hulk from the build a Blob wave and not the tiny savage from the Fin Fang Foom wave.

  2. They need to do a Robot Hulk from the Fall of the Hulks storyline. They should do some classic Hulk villains like the Bi Beast and The Harpy.

    • I am still advocating they do a Marvel Universe Hulk wave like they did with Marvel Legends. The ML Hulk wave sold really well so try it with the MU size figures. The Hulk has plenty of incarnation and cool looking villains to make, like the BiBeast and Harpy. Still no Leader yet either for the MU line. We need more Hulk!

    • I would love for Hasbro to do that, there are still a lot of Hulk-centric figures they can do. (I want a Psyklop although I am probably the only one 😀 ) Harpy would be awesome in that scale. The problem is that Hasbro seems to be focusing much more on the Marvel Universe line than the Legends. Bummer.

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