Avengers Incredible Hulk Sideshow Toys Statue Up for Sale

We all know that the Avengers was the best movie ever made and that the Hulk stole the movie from everyone else. Come on, who didn’t laugh when he punched Thor. Well Sideshow Toys have an amazingly well sculpted statue of the Incredible Hulk which perfectly captures the Hulk likeness from the movie. You can even see Mark Ruffalo in the statue’s face. It is up for sale now so click on the picture below and order it now!
Hulk Maquette

5 thoughts on “Avengers Incredible Hulk Sideshow Toys Statue Up for Sale

  1. This statue is awesome! I just ordered one, it’s not quiet as good as the premium Hulk statue but it’s close.

    • It is a great looking piece of art, just wish it was about $150 cheaper, more in line with some past Sideshow statues.

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