Hot Toys Incredible Hulk Avengers Movie Action Figure

Hot Toys from Japan makes the most detailed and accurate high end action figures (course they are kinda pricey too though). They have already shown pictures of Nick Fury and Black Widow from the movie and now they have shown the best character from the movie, the Incredible Hulk. Here are some first pictures of what the figure is going to look like. Not sure about price yet (maybe around $400-$450) but it should be up for order soon. I will post the details as soon as it comes up.

9 thoughts on “Hot Toys Incredible Hulk Avengers Movie Action Figure

  1. WOW-just ordered the SIDESHOW HULK Maquette-I’m gonna have to get this one also, amazing detail -Thanks for the update!

  2. Just ordered mine from Sideshow collectibles $299.00 Hot Toys seem to sell-out fast so I wasn’t taking any chances, a bit pricey but this figure is so Freakin’ cool, looking at March 2013 release date.

    • Just pre-ordered mine. Got it for $270 through Alter Ego Comics. Already have my Red Hulk Sideshow Comiquette coming through them next week.

      • How did the Red Hulk statue come out? Not a fan of the character but the statue looked pretty good for a conversion from the green version.

        • Yeah, I’m not a huge Red Hulk fan either, but I was unable to get one of the green ones, so I’m settling with the red variant. It already shipped, hasn’t arrived yet, but I’ll post when it does.

        • Just received and opened the Red Hulk. It’s pretty amazing. Great detail, and of course huge. Now I just have to find a good place to display it!

    • It was actually cheaper than I thought they were going to sell it for. The amount of detail is amazing for this small of a figure.

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