Incredible Hulk Marvel Universe Action Figure from Wolverine vs Hulk 2 Pack

Hasbro has released a new 2 Pack called Marvels Greatest Battles Comic Pack featuring First Appearance Wolverine vs Hulk based on the always classic Incredible Hulk issue #181. The Hulk in the 2 pack is the exact same as the Hulk that was released with the Wal-Mart exclusive four pack except it has a slightly different color of green. Given that there is a difference, I of course had to get it. I do think this is the best Marvel Universe Hulk they have made so far so I don’t mind having two. In fact, they also have released the Hulk figure on a single card and it is exactly the same as the Wal-Mart Hulk. The pictures show the Hulk by itself and standing along side the Wal-Mart Hulk to give you a better idea on the color difference.

4 thoughts on “Incredible Hulk Marvel Universe Action Figure from Wolverine vs Hulk 2 Pack

  1. Nice! I am really falling behind on my figure collection. I missed both of these and the TRU version, not to mention I still have not found the Walmart movie version. Time to hit the stores!

    • I gave up on this figure and just bought a loose one on eBay for $8.99. Figured with all the gas and time I would waste trying to find it, it was worth it. Have noticed that the Wal-Mart Hulk Legends size figure is coming down in price on ebay.

  2. Hulk/Wolverine 2 pack makes 40 Hulk figures for me. At the age of 51. But you’re never too old………..

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