More Dale Keown Incredible Hulk artwork A + X #1

You know you just can’t get enough Dale Keown artwork and this has been a great week. First it was Dale’s variant cover to the last issue of the current Incredible Hulk comic book and now a sneak peak of Dale’s artwork from his upcoming story in A + X #1. The story is about the Hulk and Wolverine versus Old Man Logan and Maestro. Wow, Dale will draw two versions of the Hulk in one comic. That is what the world incredible really means. In Comicbookresources Friday edition of Axel-in-Charge, they showed the sneak peak of the artwork from the upcoming issue.

5 thoughts on “More Dale Keown Incredible Hulk artwork A + X #1

      • I say Keown and David should do a sequel to the awsome Hulk/Pitt comic from back in the day, called Hulk vs Pitt one shot. Pitt should do a Marvel universe tour where he meets the likes of Spidey, Wolverine, Thor and others (Keown drawing all those issues) and the tour ending in Hulk vs Pitt. I see nothing but AWSOMENESS in that idea.

  1. It’s funny, when I first became a Hulk fan, Dale Keown’s run was coming to an end and Gary Frank was taking over. That isn’t to say that I haven’t seen his artwork on Hulk, but it wouldn’t be until Hulk/Pitt and Hulk : The End that I saw an artist that gave the Hulk the true glory that he so rightfully deserves. You just look at his Hulk, he’s big, strong and the power just pops out of the cover or pages which is just so amazing and awesome. Next to Ed McGuinness, I would have to say that I love Dale Keown’s take on the Hulk. I think that it’s truly an honor that both McGuinness and Keown will provide covers to the last “Incredible” Hulk series, that’s huge, but lets hope they will add to more covers or pages in the future for “Indestructible”.

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