My Incredible Hulk Tattoos

Obviously I am a big fan of the Incredible Hulk, have been for 37 years. I decided a few years back to get a tattoo. Given that Sal Buscema will always be the best Incredible Hulk artist there ever will be so it was easy to decide to use one of his images for my first Hulk tatoo. He has done some great images in his historic run on the Hulk but the first page splash to issue 206 has always stood out in my mind. Got it on my right leg about 6 years ago.

A couple years ago, I was inspired to get another tattoo. The Planet Hulk-World War Hulk storyline was amazing. It brought back the Hulk book after it had been kinda bad for a few years. Gary Frank had a great run on the Hulk awhile back and he came back during the World War Hulk storyline and he did an amazing cover. I knew I had to use this image for my next image. Had it done on my back, took three trips to get it done.

About six months ago, I got my third Hulk tattoo. I used a panel from an issue of the Hulk comic with art by Dale Keown but more importantly was the words by Peter David. This little panel helped me get through a rough period of my life and I really wanted to have a tattoo of it. The words are more important than the image.

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