Incredible Hulk News and Covers from NYCC (New York Comic Convention)

The New York Comic Convention is in full blast and Marvel has had a panel to discuss the Avengers. Mark Waid was there so there was of course talk of the Hulk. Below are various comments made about not only the Hulk but the Red Hulk and some upcoming covers also.

Waid said “Indestructible Hulk” is “so much fun to write.” As to how he came onto the project, “the call went out from Marvel and they said, ‘who do we know with anger management issues?'” Waid said that the pitch he gave was remarkably similar to Mark Ruffalo’s depiction of the character in the “Avengers” film, which at the time had not been released. “People talk of him in the same breath as Tony Stark and Reed Richards in terms of genius,” Waid said of his take on the character. “But looking back on ‘AVX,’ Banner had almost no effect—Hulk did. He doesn’t want his tombstone to read ‘Hulk Smash.'” Waid added that “as Hulk destroys, Banner builds.” He will form a partnership with S.H.I.E.L.D. to realize his goals. With that agency’s reservations, Hulk tells them, “Don’t think of Hulk as a bomb–think of him as a cannon.” This, Waid said, would allow them to point Hulk where things need smashing. Also, Hulk knows a secret of S.H.I.E.L.D. “that makes his dealings with them much easier.”

Waid said that whether Banner would remember his exploits as Hulk would depend on how angry he gets.

As to Hulk’s vocabulary, Waid said it’s “a point of contention around the office.” “We don’t want Cookie Monster Hulk, but we don’t want super-eloquent Hulk either.” Waid said that Hulk won’t say much out loud, but “will hit as hard with his words as his fists.” Like the movie, too, Hulk is not “Lou Ferrigno lumbering across the screen” but is super-fast like Ruffalo’s Avenger.

Waid said that “Indestructible Hulk” will not incorporate elements of “Planet Hulk,” but that it would play on the idea that “you don’t always know what Hulk’s coming out of the box,” as what sort of Hulk emerges can depend on the factors that brought out the rage.

And yes that is a Red Leader on the cover of the Thunderbolts book.

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