Incredible Hulk Widgets Windup Toy

Alright, I have no idea why I even bought this. I have limited myself to just Hulk and Hulk-related action figures and this doesn’t really fall into the category. This is a Hulk Widgets Wind-up toy where you use the little Marvel key to wind up the Hulk from the back and his arms go up and down. Found it for $5 at Target. Darn you impulse buying!

6 thoughts on “Incredible Hulk Widgets Windup Toy

  1. I actually found one at Walmart first, but have started seeing them at Target as well. Between the two stores, I have also seen a small Hulk bust bank (I think Ratchet has a picture of one on his site), a clear green plastic Hulk head on a handle that lights up, a grabbing claw, a watch, a pencil with a Hulk topper, and several other little Marvel toys that at least have the Hulk on them. Most of the items run around $2-$5.

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