Sideshow Toy Releases Grey Version of Comiquette Incredible Hulk Statue

Sideshow Toys released a green Incredible Hulk comiquette statue a few years ago and then released a Red Hulk version last year. And now they are releasing a grey version. The statue is the same as the green version except the color of course and the head sculpt. The green sculpt has a Hulk with a really bad haircut so this is at least an improvement on that first one. This is limited to only 500 statues so click on the link below and order one now!
Grey Hulk Comiquette

7 thoughts on “Sideshow Toy Releases Grey Version of Comiquette Incredible Hulk Statue

  1. I really like this sculpt and picked up the original green version. The anatomy and musculature is just incredible. Martin Canale really sculpted an amazing statue with this one. You know a statue is successful and popular when a company releases 3 version of the same sculpt with minor changes.


      • The hair was not my preferred taste and the green was a little light in color but it was extremely faithful to Ariel Oliveti’s reference art so I was able to get past it. I have seen some people modify the hair and repaint this statue that looks really amazing. I might have to have that done at some point down the road.

  2. I think the grey version is the best looking of the three variants. Too bad they sold out so fast. I’m on the waiting list, but not holding out much hope that one will become available through Sideshow. I have a feeling I’ll end up having to pay double the price on ebay if I really, really want one.

      • yeah, the waiting list is good idea. I think there are a lot of people who just jump on it the second it was available and either change their mind or have too many other statues on order and just cancel. Just wait and it might come to you.

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