Exclusive Interview with Indestructible Hulk Artist Leinil Yu

Leinil has been doing a great job on the Indestructible Hulk book with Mark Waid and he was nice enough to answer some questions. I tried to ask some different kind of questions instead of the same old ones he gets with each interview. Thanks Leinil!!

Q: Reviews of the first issue of the Indestructible Hulk have been really good, how exciting is that.
A: I was really thrilled and relieved of the reception to Indestructible hulk so far and as of issue 3, it’s still consistently garnering praise. Just thrilled people love it.

Q: When did you first find out you were going to be the artist on the new Hulk book?
A: I was actually attached to it as early as jan/feb 2012 but I was still busy with Supercrooks back then.

Q: This is not the first time you have been on a Hulk book, you did the Ultimate Hulk vs Wolverine mini-series. How different is it doing this version of the Hulk?
A: Quite different! Lindelof’s hulk was based on the traditional one, just with a beer belly and a few extra pounds. ( I ignored the fact that I was drawing an Ultimate series). Waid’s Hulk is visually “fresh” with new hair and less simian facial features. I thought we came up with a pretty cool version.

Q: How much involvement did you have with the new Hulk’s armor and design?
A: The initial idea came from Editorial and Waid and I came in with the designs. We also tried different Hairstyles, with a Mohawk as the initial favorite.

Q: What is it about the Hulk character that makes it interesting for you to draw him?
A: Can’t get enough of muscles and the destruction all around him.

Q: How does the process of getting the script from Mark and creating the artwork come about? Is there a lot of communication between the two of you while you work on the artwork for a script?
A: There is no direct input from me as I’m part of the last elements of the production lines. Perhaps it can be supposed that some drawings/designs from earlier issues will influence some plot elements of the next. Nothing major tho.

Q: An upcoming story involves the Quintronic Man. Any other not so well known heroes or villains you wish Mark would write into the story just so you could draw them in a battle with the Hulk?
A: I guess by now we know Attuma is back! Both Quintronic and Attuma are so cool to draw. Underwater cities and armies are also insane.

Q: Now that you are a few issues into the book, what other character besides the Hulk has been the most fun to draw?
A: I enjoy drawing banner of course but we’re also introducing 2 new characters on issue 5.

Q: Hulk: hero, villain, what exactly is he in your opinion?
A: Hero, most of the time

Q: What is the one character, Marvel or otherwise, that you have not gotten a chance to draw but would love to?
A:I’d love to draw a Spider-man series. (although I drew him for an issue).

Q: What would you be doing right now if you did not become a comic book artist?
A: Probably in ad agencies thinking up commercials for shampoo and instant noodles.

Q: What’s one thing most people do not know about Leinil Yu.
A: I can sing karaoke pretty well?

Q: Are there any comic books that you are keeping up with monthly?
A: I try to get the big event books as much as possible to keep updated but mostly, I buy up TPBs.

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