Hulk To Appear in Iron Man 3 Movie Along with Hulkbuster Armor?

Marvel Studios has always been really good at teasing fans with what is coming up in movies but also holding back surprises. There have been some leaked concept artwork for the upcoming Iron Man 3 movie and one of the concept armors is the Hulkbuster armor that Iron Man has used a number of times in the comic book. This artwork could just be early concepts or could just be one set of armor shown in the background of a scene. Could this be a hint that the Hulk will be in the movie? Remember at the end of Avengers, Bruce rode off with Tony in his car. You never know! It could be just for the extra scene at the end of the credits which would be fine with me. Marvel signed Mark Ruffalo to a multi picture deal so this would take care of one of those requirements.

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