Under Armour Alter Ego Incredible Hulk Shirt

If you are into sports or exercise, you have most likely heard of the brand Under Armour. Now they have some workout clothes that can make you feel and look like the Hulk! It’s their Compression line so the shirt is a tight fight and highlights the muscles. Here is a description from the Under Armour website:

UA Compression gives your muscles that extra boost they need when you’re working hard. But you know what else it does? It makes you feel damn near invincible. It turns you into exactly what you want to be, every time you workout or compete. This is Under Armour® Alter Ego: the baselayer built for heroic performance.

There are also Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man, Superman and Batman versions. To order your own, you can go here: Under Armour

8 thoughts on “Under Armour Alter Ego Incredible Hulk Shirt

  1. More than disappointed in the selection and design concept of the incredible hulk alter ego line from under armour. Was expecting so much more. Seems to me that they are spending more time with Iron Man, Super Man, and Bat Man…when WE ALL know that the one true SUPER Hero is the HULK. Will not be buying this shirt. Step ya game up Under Armour!!!

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