Incredible Hulk as Nul Minimates Action Figure

You know what I say when I walk into Toys R Us and I see a new Hulk Minimates figure I didn’t know was coming out: AWESOME!!!! This is a Toys R Us exclusive figure which features the Hulk as Nul from the Fear Itself Marvel storyline. While the storyline was just okay, it did feature a new version of the Hulk, namely where he was taken over by the ancient Nul creature and had a cool new look. He also had a unique looking hammer he used to smash people. The set also featured the Juggernaut as Kuurth.

8 thoughts on “Incredible Hulk as Nul Minimates Action Figure

  1. Congrats! I actually had been aware of these for several weeks now as they have been popping up on ebay (sorry, I thought everyone knew about them, or I would have spread the word), but I have had zero luck at my local TRU. Now that you have found one, hopefully that is a sign they might start showing up here soon.

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