Classic Avengers Incredible Hulk and Variant Action Figures

Hasbro released a Classic Avengers action figure set which included the Avengers as they looked in the first comic book issue, which means we get a Hulk in purple short-shorts. The figure is a great representation of Kirby artwork and a pretty cool figure. Ratchet from the Hulk Collection blog happen to notice just recently that there are two versions of the Hulk, one that is a brighter, clean green and one that is a darker green with some darker over-spray on his body. Very cool! Not sure why there was a running change in the Hulk but obviously I have to have both versions for my collection. The bad news I have to announce is that Ratchet just announced on his website that he is shutting down his blog and getting rid of most of his Hulk collection. Always sad to see a fellow Hulk fanatic get completely out of the game.

One thought on “Classic Avengers Incredible Hulk and Variant Action Figures

  1. It’s the face on this figure that I’ve always liked. It’s a great representation of a Kirby Hulk, like you said. I didn’t know there were two variants. I’ll keep that in mind whenever I get around to chasing these down for my collection.

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