Incredible Hulk Wibbly Buddy

I wasn’t sure if I was going to pick this up but I figured what the heck, it’s on $3 at Wal-Greens. This is a plastic Wibbly Buddy (yeah, I have no idea what that means) but it is one of those soft squishy type of figures. If you hit is hard, it has lights inside that go off. Looks kinda like what would happen if the Hulk and a porcupine got a little too friendly. Calling this an action figure is probably stretching it just a bit.

5 thoughts on “Incredible Hulk Wibbly Buddy

  1. I thought these were cute enough when I found them that I had to pick one up, too. And heads up: I was at Walmart the other day, and found there is actually another version of the Hulk wibbly from the “Avengers Assemble” line of toys. I’ll email you a picture, Steve.

    • If you think that’s wrong, you should see the variant I was mentioning to Steve. At least the one pictured here is wearing his purple shorts. Technically, the other Hulk is “nude”.

  2. A nude wibbly? I would normally say “send me a pic as well” … but I may defer to Steve on this one. I haven’t seen these yet but I will keep an eye open.

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