Wondring why the Hulk isn’t talking? Waid tweets that it will be explained.

Some of the talk going around the Hulk boards currently is about how in the last Hulk series, he was talking like the Merged Hulk but in the current Indestructible Hulk series, I don’t think he has said one word, maybe a few grunts here and there. That has upset a few Hulk fans needless to say. Someone tweeted Mark Waid, writer of the current book, asking him why the Hulk is currently that way. This is his response:

You’ll find out in issue 11.

So there you go, everyone just calm down.

Could Mark Ruffalo Have Been the Hulk Instead of Ed Norton in the 2008 Incredible Hulk Movie?

Incredible Hulk movie direct Louis Leterrier did an interview with The Huffington Post and he spoke about the 2008 movie. One interesting point is that Mark Ruffalo was actually the director’s first choice to play Bruce Banner. Here is his comment:

“When people are asking me, because Mark Ruffalo is in this one, who’s the better of the Bruce Banners — both are great; both are fantastic — but I actually wanted to cast Mark Ruffalo as Hulk and Marvel was like “No, you should get Edward Norton because he’s more famous.” So you see what I am saying? They are the ones who wanted Edward — and I was thrilled to meet him and work with him. I wanted Mark Ruffalo. And they were like, “No, no, he just does smart, intellectual movies.” Which makes sense, then and there in his career. But that’s how I know him. We’ve stayed in touch and it’s why he said “absolutely” when I offered him the part in this one.”

How different would the movie have been if Mark was picked to play the role? Interesting to think about, no?

Here are some other comments he had about the movie:

Well, I wouldn’t say “fail miserably,” but they were cluttered.
Yeah, it’s true. A movie is a sum of compromises until you grow into your own independence. I always try to bring the character and the actor forward. It’s very obvious in “The Incredible Hulk.” The first half of the movie is really mine and the second half is the studio’s expected Hulk movie — two giants kicking each other’s ass.

I never understood for sure what happened there. Did you and Edward Norton get along?
Oh, yeah, yeah yeah. We love each other. He was just with me in New York at the premiere. We really do love each other. I think it was blown out of proportion. It literally was about one scene. It’s one scene that still in the movie. It was either the long version of the scene or the short version of the scene. Edward wanted the longer version of the scene and I wanted the shorter version.

Which scene was this?
It was the psychoanalysis scene. It was a very interesting character scene — to go back to what we were talking about. It was analysis, going into the dark places of Bruce Banner — very adult themes. It was a great scene and the scene is on the DVD. But also the start of the movie, something I did, which is Bruce Banner walking to the edge of the world to commit suicide, then the Hulk saves him. And the studio said, “There’s no way we are starting this movie with a guy putting a gun into his mouth.” Which I understand, but then it was informing who this character was and his relationship with his alter-ego. All of that stuff made it deeper, if you will.

“Iron Man” was this fun, poppy thing bound to make a zillion dollars. And we were the other side of a superhero movie. More complex with The Hulk being this complex character — that’s what it was. Edward is a great friend. Marvel is a great friend. There are arguments in every movie.

Advance Look of Indestructible Hulk Issue #8

Issue #8 of Indestructible Hulk is coming out on May 29th and will be the last issue with artist Walt Simonson. Here is a sneak peak of a few pages of the comic.

New Avengers Assemble Trailer and Part of Episode 1 on iTunes

The 1 hour first episode premier of the Avengers Assemble cartoon is coming up on Disney XD on May 26 but Disney has released a new trailer and part of the first episode on iTunes. To go to iTunes for the downloads, take a look here: Avengers Assemble

“Iron Man joins Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Hawkeye, Black Widow and Falcon as they assemble to fight the foes no single Super Hero could withstand!” read iTunes description. “Now, they must battle a team comprised of the planet’s most dangerous villains, The Cabal, a group joined together under the leadership of The Red Skull!”

Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. Promotional Video

The first video promoting the upcoming Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. cartoon on the Disney channel has been released and it gives some insight into what the cartoon will be like. Apparently the cartoon will be done as if it was a reality show, with behind the scenes looks. At this point, I am not sure if I should just keep shaking my head or start crying. I really am holding out for the best but this is not really a good sign.

Incredible Hulk August Comic Book Solicitations

• The team-up you’ve been waiting for: HULK and…BRUCE BANNER?
• In the last hours before the extinction of the dinosaurs, it’s Hulk vs. the CHRONARCHISTS!
• And who is the true TOMORROW MAN?
• Guest starring KID COLT, TWO GUN KID and RAWHIDE KID!!!
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

CHARLES SOULE (W) • Jefte Palo (A)
• New Ongoing Creative Team!
• While the Avengers are away…the THUNDERBOLTS STRIKE!
• Can they take out all of NYC’s mafia before…anything goes wrong?
32 PGS./Parental Advisory …$2.99

Red She-Hulk Comic Book Cancelled

The August solicitations are out and it appears as if the Red She-Hulk comic book has been cancelled. The book started off as the Red Hulk and then transformed over into the Red She-Hulk. Jeff Parker is a really good writer and has a good grasp on the Hulk characters but I don’t think either character has enough to maintain a book long term. I myself never cared for either the Red Hulk or Red She-Hulk characters so not too sad to see the book go. I would rather they put Jeff on a second Hulk comic book.

Ruffalo Confirms He is Returning to Avengers 2 as the Hulk

There has been speculation of who might not be coming back for the Avengers 2 movie. Given how expensive the movies are going to get and the fact that Bruce Banner has been played by three actors in three movies. Mark Ruffalo laid the worries to rest with a recent interview:

Moviefone: Are you back for “Avengers 2?” There’s been a lot of talk about the salary negotiations.
Mark Ruffalo: I assume so. I haven’t been let go yet.

Are you definitely signed on for it?
Oh, yeah. I’m signed for — oh my gosh — six movies altogether. Five now [after “The Avengers”].

So, all this speculation about recasting Thor and The Hulk is just that, speculation?
That I know of. I haven’t caught wind of any of that. I was surprised to hear it, because I don’t even think anyone’s really started negotiating yet.

So there’s no reason to panic?
No. [Laughs] Maybe people should panic, but I don’t see a reason to panic.

Incredible Hulk Gamma Slam Avengers Action Figure

It took me awhile to find this figure, I only saw the toys released at the Toyr-R-Us around me in Raleigh. Never saw it at any other stores around here, at least not when I stopped by. I ended up buying it off of eBay, ironically enough from Toys-R-Us, who sells a lot of toys on eBay. This is a Hulk figure from the new Avengers line of action figures from Hasbro. If you raise the Hulk’s arms, they slam down really quickly. The figure is pretty good, a pretty basic sculpt but they did a good job on it. Looking forward to more Hulk figures from the Avengers line.

First Image of Incredible Hulk and Marvel’s Avenger Assemble Cartoon

Marvel’s Avengers Assemble, the new cartoon that replaced the Avengers Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, will be debuting May 26th on Disney. Entertainment Weekly is the first to show what the cartoon will look like. They have definitely changed the style from EMH. The style is okay but I kinda got used to the other style. My biggest concern is the storylines. I really enjoyed EMH show that is wrapped in actual comic book characters and storylines. This cartoon is going after the Avengers movie so I am worried that they are going to “Marvel movieize” the stories too much. They need to keep the characters and stories as much like comic books as possible.