Red She-Hulk Comic Book Cancelled

The August solicitations are out and it appears as if the Red She-Hulk comic book has been cancelled. The book started off as the Red Hulk and then transformed over into the Red She-Hulk. Jeff Parker is a really good writer and has a good grasp on the Hulk characters but I don’t think either character has enough to maintain a book long term. I myself never cared for either the Red Hulk or Red She-Hulk characters so not too sad to see the book go. I would rather they put Jeff on a second Hulk comic book.

3 thoughts on “Red She-Hulk Comic Book Cancelled

  1. I’m enjoying the RSH series but I get why it’s not very popular. I’d like to see Parker on another Hulk book also. Maybe one set in the Hulks past or something.

  2. I agree, I am looking forward to Parker starting a new book – preferably Hulk related. Is Skarr still around? Could they take a stab at his title again?

  3. Although I’ve been enjoying all the Red Hulks. I think Parker needs to get over to the Indestructible Hulk title and smack Waid upside the head. Ind. Hulk started out with a great premise, great story, great art, and then we were subjected to this “Gods and Monters” Arc, which was about as boring, unorganized and plotless (Yay, Hulk can pick up Thor’s hammer in the past)!!! as any story arc I’ve ever read in any book. Just terrible….

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