Marvel Universe and Marvel Legends Action Figure Series Are Being Cancelled

News has been released that the Marvel Universe and Marvel Legends action figure series lines are going away but will be coming back branded as an Avengers line and an X-Men and will focus mainly on the movies. I think this is a huge, huge, huge, HUGE mistake as this will leave out 100’s of potential Marvel heroes and villains. Let’s be honest, there was only one Hulk figure in the recent Avengers movie MU size series and I doubt they can come up with too many more. There are tons of incarnations of the Hulk that have not been made in the MU line (smart Hulk, Apocalypse Hulk, etc) and we will never see them made now in either form. I guess I will be saving money by not buying action figures but I am bummed because I will not be buying action figures.

5 thoughts on “Marvel Universe and Marvel Legends Action Figure Series Are Being Cancelled

  1. Is that effective immediately, and if so, does this mean the MU figures that were shown at Toyfare (Abomination, A-Bomb, etc) will not be produced?

    • The actual MU line is going away but they will still make figures in these sizes, just focused on movies. Here is word from the SDCC panel:

      “The product rebranding is a Marketing strategy Because Retailers want to capitalize on big entertainment with more push on shelves. New packaging will not look like kids stuff. It will be “attractive” to collectors.

      Fans like details and don’t like change. MU was licensed since 2006. Retailers needed something new and more recognizable. The push of the big blockbuster Movies are capturing new collectors and fans.”

      • Considering the MU figures are almost always sold out, and the figures from the movie lines are choking the shelves months after the movies have been long gone, do you really think “retailers needed something new and more recognizable”?

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