Another Sideshow Collectibles Incredible Hulk Statue Coming!!!!!

Sideshow already blew our minds with the huge Planet Hulk statue of awesomeness they have shown recently. And now they are sneaking yet another Hulk statue, this one with change out heads. Not sure about the scale but it might be 1/4 PF but there is no confirmation yet. Based on the head sculpts they have shown, it looks like there will be three versions of the statue: A green one with two heads, one of which looks a lot like Buscema; a grey version with just one head; and a Red Hulk version with two heads. I will post more news as it comes and if I forgot to mention it, click on the Planet Hulk add in the top right corner and order that statue!


4 thoughts on “Another Sideshow Collectibles Incredible Hulk Statue Coming!!!!!

  1. The head sculpts look nice for the most part, but if there are going to be three variants, and I decide to get one, my money would go on the green version.

    • Yeah, the green would be the way to go, especially if there is a head sculpt. I am just wondering what the cost of this statue is going to be, hopefully not as much as the Planet Hulk statue.

  2. Hi, recently started collecting Mr. Green statues and I am eager to read more on any future 1/4 scale.

    Keep me posted, Thanks!

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