Fan Artwork: Incredible Hulk vs Superman

Manual Rohena, aka Hulk465, is a big Hulk fan like myself but he also has some skills in the drawing department. He wrote and drew a cool Hulk vs Superman short story, take a look and enjoy. Of course in a fight between the Green Goliath and the Boyscout, we all know who is going to end up the winner and Hulk465 does a great job of showing the battle between the two.

2 thoughts on “Fan Artwork: Incredible Hulk vs Superman

  1. I just want to take the time to say a big THANK YOU for taking the time and effort to put my art work on your site. Back in the days I tried to work for Marvel and they said I wasn’t good enough (which I agree). Well in the very least I got a Hulk vs Superman art work printed in a Wizard magazine. Again, thanks.

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