Korg From Planet Hulk in Thor 2 Movie Trailer

I was avoiding the most recent Thor trailer just because I didn’t want too much of the movie given away before I see it. Looks like I should have watched it when it was released a few days ago. Cth over at the Hulk Message Board posted the great image below showing Korg (or more likely and hopefully another Kronan warrior) at the end of the trailer. Well, judging by how the trailer ends, I really, really hope it is not supposed to be Korg. Looking at the drawing from Planet Hulk, they did an amazing job of re creating his look. It really looks like Korg on the big screen. Maybe this is just Marvel’s way of sneaking little bits and pieces in for a future Planet Hulk movie. Hey, I can dream you know!! Take a look at the trailer below.

Korg Planet Hulk and THor 2 movie

6 thoughts on “Korg From Planet Hulk in Thor 2 Movie Trailer

  1. I heard that it most likely is Korg, but from how short his time seems to be, I doubt they’ll actually name him. If they did indeed make a Planet Hulk film, they could have another Kronan and name *him* Korg.

      • Awesome! But unless the fight scene with Thor is edited down for the trailer, don’t you get the feeling that pile of rocks might just reform back into Kronan/Korg? It seems like he was defeated a little too easily.

  2. If I recall correctly Korg and the Kronan’s first appearance in Marvel comics had he and his fellow Kronans, brothers I think, beaten by Thor. The Kronan in the trailer is hopefully not Korg but one of his rock-brothers. I think the actual Thor issue is noted in Planet Hulk. Seems more to be a little nod to comic fans more than anything else… Very cool nonetheless.

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