Avengers Assemble Smashing Hero! Incredible Hulk Figure Carded and Loose

Hasbro announced at SDCC that they are moving away from the Marvel Universe line and drawing character choices from the comic book towards a line called Avengers Assemble and drawing characters from the movies. I think this is a mistake as they are passing over a ton of good characters selection and options. It looks like the first wave of these new Avengers Assemble waves is out. The price point of the Marvel Universe figures is $9.99 and the new Avengers Assemble is $5.99 and it pretty much shows in the action figure. There are two Hulks in the first wave and I have only been able to find the Smashing Hero! figure. The sculpt is just okay for detail but at only five points of articulation, it is a big step down from the MU figures. I hope that future waves will have more detail and articulation. Not that I want to pay more money but I am okay if I feel like I am getting my moneys worth. It is not that the figure is completely bad but after having Marvel Universe figures for so many years, it is a bit of a disappointment.

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