Titan Hero Series Incredible Hulk Action Figure Boxed and Loose

There were no new Hulk action figures there for awhile and now all of a sudden they are everywhere…at least at Target. Hasbro has released a series called Titan Hero Series of 12 inch action figures. After releasing an Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Captain America, they have finally released the Hulk. The figure sculpt has about average detail with only 5 points of articulation which is kind of disappointing. Wish it had a few more points of articulation than that. The figure actually reminds me of the vintage Remco Energized Hulk in the look and feel of the figure. Here is a picture of the Remco figure. It is a good enough sculpt that Hulk fans should pick it up as there are really not a lot of 12″ Hulk figures that are made.

2 thoughts on “Titan Hero Series Incredible Hulk Action Figure Boxed and Loose

  1. It’s funny you post this figure. I just saw it yesterday at Target and thought “Hmmm Engine Of Destruction hasn’t posted this one yet.” I didn’t pick it up though. I was on a budget yesterday.

    • was on vacation and just got back on Sunday and found these at Target thanks to a tip from Jeff. I also have a bunch of Playskool Hulk figures I will be posting in the next few days also. Lots of Hulk toys!!!

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