Avengers Assemble Gamma Fist Incredible Hulk Action Figure

Now this is more like it. The Marvel Universe figures have transitioned over to the Avengers Assemble line and the first figure out was a lower cost (and lower quality) figure but I finally tracked down the Marvel Universe equivalent. The Gamma Fist Hulk is hopefully just the first of many Hulk’s to come. The sculpt looks great and there is plenty of articulation. While I will say again that I will the comic book character variety of the Marvel Universe line, at least we will continue to get some Hulk’s in the Avengers Assemble line since he was the best loved character from the movie. I will say that the Hulk’s neck looks a little funny when you look at him on the side but that is just a minor issue.

4 thoughts on “Avengers Assemble Gamma Fist Incredible Hulk Action Figure

  1. I want to get this but this figure is so subpar compared to the last 3 Marvel U Hulks we have gotten over the last 3 years. It seems to be a step backwards to when to orginal Marvel U Hulk.its a nice beefy figure but the headsculpt is less than stellar not mention that there is no bicep joint. Last but not least the head torso arms and legs all seem to sporting different shades of green. There are just to many glaring cost cutting issues with this figure. At least we are getting a Leader in wave 2 :) Cant wait for that. Btw keep yours peeled gfor 18″ titan scal Hulk figure. I just saw pics of 18″ Iron Man which looks totaly different from that 12″ version. So lets hope they will do a Hulk.

  2. Just a heads up Marvel U Gray Hulk and Abomination are availiable on ebay. Your looking at about 25 on average per figure. Abomb on the the hand is a different story. You are looking at 70ish for him.

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