Marvel Universe Abomination Action Figure

The Marvel Universe action figure toy line is coming to an end (and coming back as a movie-themed line called Avengers Assemble) and the Hulk finally gets one of his villains made. I have to say that while I do miss the size and detail of the Marvel Legends line, the Marvel Universe line did get very good at making the smaller scale figures and the Abomination is a good example. The figure has some good detailing. I do think they made the hump in his back a little too pronounced but otherwise I am pretty happy with this figure. When this figure was first sneak peaked awhile back, they said that the Rick Jones A-Bomb would be a variant figure that would be released, he is even on the packaging artwork, but I am not sure with the line ending that we will see the A-bomb unfortunately. Not that I am a really big fan of the A-bomb character in the comic book but it would be cool to have a figure of him in my collection.

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