Marvel Universe Grey Incredible Hulk Action Figure

When the Marvel Universe Hasbro line first started, they released a Hulk figure along with a grey variant that was really hard to find. I ended up having a friend in Australia find the grey version and send it to me since I could never find it.. Of course they ended up re-releasing it a few waves later but what can you do. There have been a few Hulks since that first one was released and the figures have gotten better and better as the series continued. The last Hulk they released had a great sculpt and design. They used the design on a Red Hulk figure in a 3 pack set (which I haven’t gotten yet) but they just released it as a grey Hulk variant in this last and final wave of the Marvel Universe figure line before it changes over to the Avengers Assemble branding. I included a shot of the first grey Hulk vs this new one and you can see the big difference in them for sure.

6 thoughts on “Marvel Universe Grey Incredible Hulk Action Figure

  1. You sure are lucky, scoring both a Grey Hulk and Abomination. Aside from the new “Avengers Assembled” line, I’ve not seen any new MU figures around here for months. But it gives me hope now that they are showing up in stores.

    • I have to admit that I bought these off of eBay. I was looking and looking and could not find them and figured if would pay a little more to avoid all the gas I was wasting going everywhere. I do like the figures, really wish they were continuing the MU line.

  2. I’ve been trying to avoid going that route so far. Every time I give in and buy something online or at a show for a premium, it ends up showing up in the stores a week or two later. Also, there’s no guarantee as to the condition you will get it in when you buy from ebay. My lcs was supposed to be getting in a case this week, and I had asked them to pull grey Hulk and either of the Abominations if they get them, so we’ll see.

    • The A-Bomb variant is already showing up. Ratchet found one, I am hoping he can find one for me too. I hate going to eBay also but sometimes I just guess the odds of actually finding it and if I want to spend all the money on gas trying to find one or just go ahead and buy it on eBay.

      • I stopped at Target yesterday and was able to find an A-Bomb as well (woo-hoo!!!), so now I’m hoping my lcs will have Abomination for me as well when I stop in this weekend.

        • argh, my Target sucks. If you happen to stumble across another one, can you pick it up for me? Not sure if Ratch will have any luck and I need to cover my bases. I actually sent a picture of the figure to my wife on her phone so she can have it with her whenever she is out shopping.

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