NYCC Marvel News: She-Hulk Writer Talks and Small News on Hulk

The New York City Convention is going on right now and there was a small bit of news on the upcoming She-Hulk comic series and just a minor note about the Hulk.

Upcoming She-Hulk writer Charles Soule spoke about the book: “It’s a thrill to be writing She-Hulk,” said Soule. “I’ve been an attorney for a really long time and I still practice law, so the idea of writing an attorney character was really appealing to me. I run my own practice, so I want to take experiences in that and apply them to She-Hulk’s life. It’s going to be a series with Jennifer Walters, who is a strong character … in ways that make her really appealing to write. She’s put in a position where she really decides she has something to prove to herself and the world around her. The premise we’ve come up with allows her to interact with all different corners — secret corners and the highest levels of the Marvel Universe. The idea she could meet anybody in the Marvel Universe is really great.”

There was a Global teaser image that was released before the con and I was hoping it was specific to the Hulk since the color of the lettering was green. It ended up being a new Avengers series called Avengers World where the team takes a global focus on protecting the earth, not just the US. The good news is that the Hulk is in the new series though based on the cover.


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