Micro Muggs Incredible Hulk Figure

Hasbro came out with Mighty Mugg figures a few years back and they were a big hit when they first appeared. I guess they kind of lost popularity because the regular Mighty Muggs turned into Mini Muggs and now they only have Micro Muggs. I saw a package with 4 Avengers Micro Muggs but I didn’t want all the figures so I just bought the Hulk off of eBay. Once I got the figure, I was a bit disappointed as when you look at the back of the figure, it looks incomplete. I figured the figure would be just one solid plastic figure with no articulation but I kinda assumed it would be a complete figure. You could not tell from the packaging when I saw it in the store. From the front, it looks great but turn it around and boo!

2 thoughts on “Micro Muggs Incredible Hulk Figure

    • I wouldn’t have thought it would have been any harder to make the figure if it looked like it was supposed to be. Now it just looks like they were cheap and trying to save a few pennies of plastic. Fail.

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