Avengers Assembly Radiation Rocket Leader Action Figure

When Hasbro first announced they were canceling the Marvel Universe line of figures and replacing it was a more movie-centric Avengers Assemble line, I figured I would never get another Hulk villain. Low and behold, one of the early waves of the new line includes a Leader figure. Of course my guess is that this figure was already lined up for the Marvel Universe line before it was decided to be cancelled so they might was well use it. And I am glad they did. This is a nice looking figure (they did reuse some pieces and parts from previous figures but it still looks really good) and they did a good job on the face sculpt. While I will always be a bigger fan of the classic big tall head version of the Leader, I can appreciate the newer version also. Just glad to get a Hulk related figure at all. Not sure if this wave has actually hit the stores yet, I ordered this off of the hasbrotoyshop.com website. Couldn’t wait since I figured the Leader would be short packed anyways and it would be a pain to find.

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