Please Help Me Find An A-Bomb Marvel Universe Figure

The last wave of the Marvel Universe figures has been released and it included an Abomination figure. It also included a variant version of the A-Bomb figure (Rick Jones). This figure has been impossible to find and it goes for about $25 or more on eBay. Given that the figure sells for $10, I am not really good with buying it for that much, as I would need to include shipping cost on top of the figure cost. I am sending out a request for help for anyone who stumbles across the A-Bomb and would be nice enough to pick it up for me, I would greatly appreciate it. I really need this figure for my collection.

a-bomb figure milk carton

9 thoughts on “Please Help Me Find An A-Bomb Marvel Universe Figure

  1. I’ll have a look here in the Philippines and let you know. I’ll be going to the US in December and can bring it along in case I find one

  2. They had one at my local Walmart for $10.87 in Truro, Nova Scotia yesterday. I can check today if the international shipping is worth it to you. I have already picked up 2 of these figures there….

    • AWESOME! Thanks!! Send me an at joefixit2 at and I will give you my address. Just let me know the shipping cost and I can send you the money. Do you have a paypal account?

    • thanks for the note, someone found one for me so I have one on its way to me. Now if only Hasbro would release the daughter of She-Hulk variant that was supposed to come out with the Red She Hulk figure……….

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