New Indestructible Hulk Action Figure Coming From Hasbro Avengers Infinite Line

Thanks to eagle eye Jeff K., here is news of a new Incredible Hulk figure coming out way! The Hasbro Avengers Infinite line of toys, which replaced the Marvel Universe line, is coming out with an Indestructible Hulk action figure with his body armor like in the comic book. The picture is a little fuzzy but it looks pretty good from what I can see. Always happy to get a new Hulk action figure. Not exactly sure why they are calling him Platinum Hulk.


Merry Christmas from The Incredible Hulk

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope everyone has an enjoyable day and gets exactly what they wanted!

A Bunch of Incredible Hulk Convention Sketches

I was going through my original artwork portfolio and realized that I had not uploaded a bunch of early Incredible Hulk sketches I got at Mid Ohio Con in 1998 and 1999 along with Heroes Con in 2001 and Wizard World LA 2005. First year I went to a comic book convention was in 1998 at the great Mid Ohio Con in Columbus Ohio. Once I moved down to Georgia, I went to Heroes Con in 2001 and was blown away at what an awesome convention it is, in fact it is the best comic book convention. Here are a bunch of really cool early sketches from some great artists. If you want to look at all my Hulk artwork, here is a link to my collection at Comic Art Fans.

Marvel Comics Reimagined at Animals Variant Covers Featuring the Hulk

Every so often, Marvel will do variant covers on a lot of their comics, usually in relation to a movie release. They will soon have a series of variant covers which re imagines Marvel characters as animals. They have not released all the covers but for the ones they have released, there are a couple that feature the Hulk, specifically for Avengers and Avengers World plus the Thunderbolts. I am hoping that the Hulk gets his own also. I also included the Ghost Rider cover because the Ghost Rider as a hamster in a flaming wheel is just too awesome to pass up.

Advance Unlettered Preview for Marvel Comics Indestructible Hulk #18

Story by: Mark Waid
Art by: Jhermy Raapack, Miguel Sepulveda
Cover by: Mahmud Asrar
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: Wed, January 22nd, 2014


• Which one of Banner’s lab assistants has fallen to the Terrigen Mists–and how has it changed them?

• HULK vs. IRON MAN and the X-MEN’S BEAST for the fate of the world!

New Images of Marvel Incredible Hulk Lego Set Coming in 2014

Some new high quality images have been released for the forthcoming Hulk Smash Lab set next year and it still looks awesome. As I said before, I wished they had changed the Hulk at least a little bit but it still looks like a cool set. And that big headed MODOK is awesome. Very awesome.

Kidrobot Marvel Micro Munny Incredible Hulk Vinyl Figure Munnyworld

A few years ago, the blank vinyl figures became popular where you could make the figure whatever you wanted it to be. It took awhile but there are finally Marvel versions and specifically a Hulk version. This is the Kidrobot Micro Munny Incredible Hulk figure. He comes all green, naturally, along with a bent stop sign to hold and a sticker set to add to the figure. There is even a bow tie you can put on the Hulk. Very neat figure, hope they come out with a larger size version of him.